Online course "Expert in the use of digital pest control products" with certificate

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Get an insight into what the pest control of the future will look like. We explain the advantages of digitalization and which technologies play an important role. But also what you need to pay attention to when integrating such systems.



 - Overview -
English speaking version

Webinar Host

Daniel Schröer 

  • has grown up with pest control
  • stands for the transformation of our industry towards more digitalization and more sustainability
  • active CEPA and NoCheRo member, Steering Committee and Task Force
  • Host of the Talking Pest Management podcast and video interviews, a world-leading source of pest management news and opinion
  • Advocates for more effective pest control, in a manner that protects animals and minimizes the use of hazardous and toxic substances
  • sees digitalisation as THE challenge of the decade for our industry
  • wants to have 10 million pest boxes for insects, rodents and co. connected to the Internet of Things and eMitter by 2030

Sebastian Junge

International Sales & IoT Development
  • is an expert in implementing digital solutions in pest control
  • is familiar with all topics related to digital pest control
  • believes that digitalization in pest control is possible for everyone to implement
  • thinks pest control is innovative, disruptive, and very dynamic
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